Tips for Protecting Your Skin in Winter

One of our biggest complaints in winter is the absence of the sun—if it even comes out on these bitterly cold days, it is usually setting by early evening. The sun is often hiding behind snow-filled clouds, causing the skies to be overcast and making us yearn for spring and summer.

But just because the sun is not as obvious in winter doesn’t mean you can take a break from protecting your skin. The sun’s damaging UVA rays are still very prominent in the colder months—UVA are the silent rays that go deeper into your skin and cause signs of aging and skin cancer. They can even penetrate through glass!

At Radiant Dermatology, we’re here to help you safeguard the health of your skin all year round. Here are a few tips for protecting your body’s largest organ in the winter:

  1. Increase the amount of water you drink: it’s well known that you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day to adequately hydrate your body. In the winter, increase this amount by a glass or two to allow for less humidity in the air.
  1. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your exposed skin: use at least a tablespoon of sunscreen on the face and a “palm full” of sunscreen on all other exposed areas
  1. Wear a rimmed or billed hat: you will likely already be covering your head and ears because of the chilly temps. But instead of wearing a ski cap or beanie, find a warm winter hat that has a rim or a bill for added face protection.
  1. Avoid being outside when the sun is strongest: this is especially important in the winter, because it may not seem like the sun is strong at midday. But just like in the summer, when the sun is high overhead, UVA rays are at their highest power and cause the most damage.

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