Pulsed Light Treatment at Radiant Dermatology

Lumecca™ uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat a range of conditions that include facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture, and photo-damage (damage caused by the sun). Different from typical IPLs, Lumecca™ is able to deliver results in 1-2 sessions versus 4-6 sessions, so patients are able to see a difference in their skin faster than before.

Patients who are already familiar with Intense Pulsed Light Systems should note the difference between this new technology and traditional IPLs. InMode™, the makers of Lumecca™, accomplishes better results with less pain than some other IPLs.

Before beginning any skincare treatment, it’s important to meet with your doctor and discuss the best options available. At Radiant Dermatology, Dr. Amanda Friedrichs provides comprehensive Intense Pulsed Light consultations and is ready to answer all of your questions. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


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