Sorry, but You Should Skip that Hot Shower

It’s not a surprise that we like the warmer water; hot showers can relieve stress and muscle aches, plus they make us feel great when we feel sick. Despite all this, our natural inclination for hot water might actually be harming our skin.

Most people probably assume that water, no matter if it’s hot or cold, helps to moisturize the skin.

Hot water wipes away the natural oils our skin produces, leaving your skin more susceptible to the cold air and strong winds of winter weather. This means dryer skin in the areas that are exposed to the cold.

Dermatologists recommend you take 5-10 minute showers with tepid water, a little warmer than the temperature of your skin. Also, make sure the ingredients in your moisturizer do not irritate the skin by choosing a product without scents and additives.

If your skin becomes excessively dry in the winter months, do not hesitate to call Radiant Dermatology and schedule an appointment. We’ll determine if your dry skin can be treated at home, or if you would benefit from prescription treatment options.

Be sure to read our next blog about dry skin and selecting the best moisturizer.

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