Help in Managing your Acne

Acne is the most prevalent skin condition and the number of people affected by acne is growing as the age of people with acne increases. It is no longer uncommon for adults to suffer from acne, and while dermatologists are not entirely certain what causes abundant acne, there are steps everyone can take to begin managing their acne.

Understanding the Causes of Acne

Typically, most people who get acne are still teenagers and young adults, but even newborn babies can have acne. The condition occurs when pores are clogged and bacteria on the face begin to multiply. As the bacteria grow, pores become irritated and then the distinct acne nodule appears.

Diagnosing Acne

Many people don’t have their acne diagnosed, but sometimes other skin conditions can look like acne, so if our acne doesn’t get better with over the counter treatments, it might be best to see a dermatologist for help. Your doctor will know what medications will work best for your specific level of acne.

Tips for Managing your Acne

If you have mild acne, there could be some ways to manage and treat the condition.

Wash your face

Many people forget this simple step, but washing your face at the start and end of the day removes dead cells and bacteria from your skin—the first step to improving your complexion.

Moderate your Diet

Making sure your diet contains healthy ingredients is important for your overall health, but with that can come the health of your skin.

Don’t Hurt your Skin

The compulsion to scrub or use harsh products on your face can be strong, but doing so can cause more harm than good. Additionally, picking or “popping” outbreaks can leave scars and extends the time your skin needs to heal.

Trying to treat your acne by damaging your skin can also lead to scarring, and while letting acne “naturally run its course” is not necessarily the best option, exacerbating the situation doesn’t help either.

If you need help treating your acne, contact Dr. Amanda Friedrichs of Radiant Dermatology today for consultation on the best options for your specific needs.

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